“A simple yet powerful book. Read at, use it, and become wealthy!”

~ Ralph E Wright, Wright Associates, Detroit, Michigan

“Gold standard. A classic. This slim volume tops my list for anyone using the phone in business. Get one for each member of your company who picks up the phone.”

~ Simon Kenna – Leading UK Telesales Trainer

“Greg’s right! “People buy People” and the telephone is and always will be our best friend in selling.  This is a wonderful book.  It says ALL that needs to be said about being successful on the telephone. A book that is long over-due.”

~ Joseph Devasia, MD Antal International, Mumbai, India


My name is Greg Peake and I’m an American Speaker/Motivator and Author. 

Businesses I’ve worked with know that I’m passionate about my work. Over the past 18 years, I’ve conducted in excess of 400 Business Seminars around the world, many in the UK, to a wide variety of sales organisations. All of these companies had one thing in common…they wanted to expand their client base and make more money. I’ve had the privilege to witness first hand, the huge and rapid difference my Seminars have made for my clients, both financially and motivationally. 

Because of their successes, many clients encouraged me to write the Seminar as a book. I’m happy to say, I took their advice and my book ‘LET’S TALK ABOUT TALKING’, is now available on Amazon.

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“Greg’s book on overcoming fear of the phone, outbound calling and call planning is unique. He needs only a few pages to convince a sales person how to embrace the unparalleled power of verbal communication to be successful in selling. In addition, it is a light-hearted and a highly enjoyable read.”

~ Lloyd Banks, MD Rubicon People, Poole, England

“This book’s a revelation. Simple, straightforward and logical. The techniques are so clear and crisp that you can reach for the phone and implement them instantly! Greg’s great secret is to reduce fear of failure to nil and to make us all winners with every single call. A great read for budding and experienced sales professionals alike. My recommendation is to buy it, read and do what it says.”

~ Maggie Love, M.D. Love and Tate/ GBC Learning

“A superb book that makes such good sense. Greg proves what every successful sales person knows, that even in our digital age, there will never be a substitute for the human voice in selling. Though LinkedIn is the place to find prospects, the Telephone is where that relationship takes flight. Indeed, the telephone is the weapon of mass discussion and ‘Let’s Talk About Talking’ has made it the best weapon in my marketing armoury. Great insights delivered in an easy to read manner.”

~ Angus Grady, The LinkedIn Unlocker, Berkhamsted, England