I’m a switched on, enthusiastic Southern American Motivational Speaker.

My formal work-life began in 1964 when I joined the U.S. Army at the lowest rank of Private. I attended Artillery Officer Candidate School and left the military as a 25 year old Captain. I am a Vietnam War Veteran and a Purple Heart recipient.

After leaving the Army, I discovered the world of selling. This journey began in the Cattle and Livestock industry where I sold Pharmaceuticals and Ranch Supplies followed by a stint in the Debt Recovery Business. Then, Newspaper Sales and Circulation and finally the Financial Services industry where I was self employed for 31 yrs. In this capacity I sold Life, Health and Disability Insurance as well as owning a hugely successful Automobile Insurance Agency. In addition, I was a member of the National Association for Security Dealers and accordingly sold Mutual Funds.

In my sales capacities I have received many awards to include membership of the Wall of Fame for the Bankers Life of Nebraska. It was awarded for being a Top 10 Salesman in the whole of America for sales volume. In addition, I was a member of John Hancock Mutual Life’s Presidents Conference, achieved by only 2% of this prestigious, 165 year old company.

Fifteen years ago and with my wonderful wife’s encouragement, I made a career hange. For many years I longed to be a Motivational Speaker. I had a unique approach to the highly emotive business challenge of getting sales people to consistently make business development calls and accordingly wrote my first seminar, ‘Let’s Talk About Talking’. Following the huge success of this offering, and at the suggestion of a client, I then followed it with ‘A Check-Up from the Neck-Up’.

To date I have successfully conducted in excess of 400 of these seminars worldwide among a wide variety of local as well as multinational companies.

I am enthusiastic and passionate about my Seminars as I know that they really do help people. I consider myself a very genuine and down to earth person and my love of people is easily felt.