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Let’s Talk About Talking

    Something DIFFERENT……. That actually produces results!!

                              A Powerful, 3 hour Seminar entitled – 

                                  “LET’S TALK ABOUT TALKING”

“Let’s Talk About Talking” dispels common views as to why making Sales Calls is difficult.  This enjoyable address provides the logic and a platform that motivates people to be CONSISTENT in making Sales Calls, thus stimulating business. 

Please look at Testimonal and Poignant Question links

                                         Why is it so Powerful?

  •  Quickly helps businesses grow and….MAKE MORE MONEY
  •  The Seminar is FUN, UNIQUE and conducted on site for you.
  •  Delegates remember it as a POSITIVE experience.
  •  It’s priced to sell at only £850 + expenses from Oxford.
 “In my experience, youre down to earth, practical and very enjoyable approach to making  sales calls, is 100% unique.  Very refreshing… and it works!!”  PJB Reynolds, CEO,BBT Global

Let’s Talk!  –  For more Details or to Book- call Greg on  01993 358726                        or email [email protected] 

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