Something DIFFERENT… That actually produces results!

A Powerful, 3 hour Seminar entitled


Leaders and Companies constantly look for different ways and or people to stimulate business.  Many times however, things purported to be different, are in fact ‘a much of a muchness’, a truly great English expression. Based upon my experiences in Britain, it is safe for me to say – “I am different”. 

Why is it so Powerful?

  • It quickly dispels ‘call-reluctance’, Motivating staff to Consistently make New Business Calls.
  • The session is FUN, UNIQUE and conducted on site for your convenience.
  • Establishes an enjoyable, workable routine that instantly produces results.
  • Stimulates business growth, allowing everyone to make more money!
  • Delegates remember it as a positive experience.

“You were top on energy, content… grabbing eyeballs, and most of all, inspiring.”

Joseph Devasia, Managing Partner, Antal International Network, Mumbai

“The audience of managers and trainers were really moved by your enthusiasm and passion.”

Chris Ballam, Training Relationship Manager, HSBC