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A Check-Up From the Neck-Up

“The audience of managers and trainers were very moved by your enthusiasm and passion.  It was indeed a thought provoking and stimulating ‘Check-Up.”                       C. Ballam, Relationship Training Manager, HSBC

‘A Check-Up from the Neck-Up’  (1hr +)

A popular, high energy, memorable address that helps people to be more Motivated and Positive and therefore more effective in the work place.

Through the use of homespun humour and storytelling, ‘The Check-Up’ both reminds and accentuates what should be obvious about ATTITUDE, FOCUS, ENTHUSIASM and BELIEF and their profound impact on business.

Always enjoyable (fun sells), ‘The Check-Up’ very effectively encourages delegates to GET and KEEP their heads in the right place.

“Staff were asked to score the session on a 1-10 scale.  Including one person who scored you 11 of 10, the  average score is 9.3. None to shabby, I think you will agree”. Simon Dear CEO, Tangent International   

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